Sofia Vergara has recently been chosen as the new face of Pepsi. This particular advertisement is of her at a beach, trying to relax with a can of Diet Pepsi. From this commercial, we can identify a number of signifiers.

First, the setting of the advertisement is on a sunny day at a beach where there are a lot of people. It evokes the audience of a popular beach, maybe somewhere in Miami or California where everyone is trying to seek leisure at a hip spot. However, this desire for relaxation is apparently disturbed by the huge influx of population, waiting in line for some beverage. Placing the Diet Pepsi at a popular setting suggests a therapeutic ethos. This is when an advertisement “arouses consumer demand by associating products with imaginary states of well being” (Leiss 74). The location, weather, and the youthful people (mostly young women), bring people into a vacation-like setting, and associate the product as an agent that can bring such leisurely sensations.

The most obvious signifier in this advertisement is Sofia Vergara. As a representative figure of the Hispanic population, Vergara has become extremely popular in mass media. In this sense, she is definitely “a celebrity that is ‘hot’ in terms of its potential market value.” (Goldman, Papson 89) This also applies to appearance of David Beckham at the end of the advertisement. Furthermore, not only does she draw attention due to her fame, but also her body image speaks to Pepsi’s choice of Vergara as their new model. Like many other female Hollywood celebrities, she has an attractive face and body. However, even out of the many actresses, she is particularly voluptuous yet fit simultaneously. It is no mistake that she is drinking Diet Pepsi as opposed to regular Pepsi, associating the product with an attractive body image.

The advertisement also establishes a sense of personification of the brand by using Vergara as its model. In all of the Pepsi commercials, she is wearing a deep blue garment, very similar to the color of the Pepsi can, which reminds the audience of the beverage and its logo. In addition, Vergara’s TV personality is one that is attractive but also humorous. As the star of Modern Family, she exudes humor and fun. The Pepsi ads, including this one, tries to give similar connotations to the drink by incorporating humor; they insinuate the idea that Pepsi is a fun, trendy and maybe even an attractive drink.

As aforementioned, the dominant population that is visible in this video is mostly younger women. The use of Vergara suggests a type of role model or desirable figure that young women might identify with. In addition, when Vergara updates her Twitter through her smartphone, we can see that the crowd of people standing in line for a drink immediately check their phones and rush to the pier where David Beckham was supposedly seen. This definitely speaks to a tech-savvy social group who have a lot of leisure time and desire relaxation, which are usually people in the younger demographic. As a result, although Pepsi is one of the consumer products that speak to all consumers in general, this particular commercial may specifically target younger women.